Saturday, March 30, 2013

How do you know the name designed for your baby?

One of the most important things to consider is how to know the name of your baby when you say it. Sounds tuneful? Sounds of a sudden something? Sounds good with the surname? Often, long names go best with short last names, and vice versa. If you combine a name that ends in a vowel with a last name beginning with a vowel may sound a bit strange, because it often pronounce States ("Ana Arribas"). It is also good to think twice when it comes to names that rhyme with the last names, and those that sound like a joke, because surely you will spend many a child or girl when you go to school (and beyond): Dolores Fuertes, Armando Casas or Rosa Losa. Does it reflect the characteristics you want to see in your child? For children, parents often prefer short names, about two syllables, with sound masculine connotations of strength and determination, as Alex, Aaron, John, David, Matthew. For girls, the favorites are the elegant-sounding names, somewhat longer and very feminine, with endings like "ela" (Antonela, Daniela) and "ana" (Mariana). Many BabyCenter moms tell us that beauty and intelligence are the qualities they want names that reflect their daughters.